Criteria studies

The Three University Missions Moscow Ranking 2021: Key Facts

The Moscow International University Ranking “The Three University Missions” (MosIUR) included a record-high list of 1.650 higher education institutions in its 2021 edition, making it the most representative among popular academic rankings. There are altogether 97 countries and territories represented in the 2021 ranking. Europe leads by the number of universities among all other macro-regions with 568 universities in the ranking, i.e. more than a third of the entire list. Asia is second with 493 universities (almost 30%). North America lags behind with 272 universities (16.5%). Russia accounts for 6.8% of the world’s best universities; this number is slightly higher than Latin America’s (6.6%).

The Three University Missions Moscow Ranking 2020: Key Facts

The Three University Missions Ranking 2020 features 1500 universities representing 97 countries. Most of the listed universities are European: 493, or almost 33% of the ranking table. Asia is neck-and-neck with Europe, accounting for 32% of the featured list. North America follows with almost 17%. Russia and Latin America are represented by 7% of the world's best universities each. Oceania and Africa come last with 3% and 2% of the featured universities respectively.

The Three University Missions Moscow Ranking 2019: Key Facts

The 2019 rankings issue features 1200 institutions from 79 countries. 2019 became the first year for the study results to undergo international assessment, the procedure featuring 16 recognised international experts. The verification procedure covered a total of almost 60% of the universities included in the final rankings table.

International Student Contests: A Study Based on MosIUR 2018 Materials

The present study continues a series of analytical materials based on the data of The Three University Missions Moscow International University Ranking. This publication is based on data from the second edition of the ranking, published in November 2018. The study looks into the structure of the international university student contest movement: 14 prestigious global international student contests and universities, whose students became contest winners or medalists in 2013–2017.

Moscow International University Ranking “The Three University Missions”: key facts

The ranking methodology has been improved in 2018. It amounted to expanding the short list and normalizing the indicators, which enabled the ranking to feature a larger number of strong universities. It intensified the competition, especially among the second hundred of positions.

The report on the study of the criterion “The number of online courses of the university, published on the largest online platforms”

Outcome Study. Criterion: "University’s Impact on Society"

This paper starts the series of publications by the Association of Rating Makers on investigation results of the Moscow International University Ranking «The Three University Missions» innovative criteria. This paper presents the results of the study on the University’s Impact on Society criterion (University’s alumni with an individual article on Wikipedia).

Pilot Ranking: Main Conclusions

This publication is the first of a series of analytical materials for the pilot ranking released in December 2017. The paper generalises the results of the Moscow International University Ranking first issue and analyses in detail a number of indicators. The paper also looks into the results in each of the criteria groups: Education, Research, University & Society.